Accessibility Tool

Our website provides accessibility tools.

Our accessibility tool is supported by the following brousers:

Device Browser
PC (Windows) Microsoft Edge Latest stable version
Google Chrome Latest stable version
Firefox Latest stable version
PC (macOS) Safari Latest stable version
iPhone、iPad OS standard Safari
Android device Google Chrome Latest stable version

Please note, with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Black & White option does not function.


  • Increase Font
  • Decrease Font
  • Black & White
  • Inverse Colors
  • Highlight Links
  • Regular Font
  • Reset
  • Sitemap
  • Help

How to use

  1. Click the accessibility tool button on the right side of your screen. Or press “Tab" key until it focuses on accessibility tool button and press “Enter".
  2. A toolbar will open with a list of accessibility functions shown above. You can enable, disable or combine each of the functions.
  3. To disable all functions, select “Reset".
accessibility tool button