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  • The Carl Menger Library
  • An excellent collection of approximately 20,000 volumes assembled by Carl Menger, one of the founders of the Austrian school of economics.
  • The Otto von Gierke Library
  • The private library of Otto Friedrich von Gierke (1841-1921), a leader of the Germanist school of historical jurisprudence.
  • The Burt Franklin Collection
  • A collection assembled by Burt Franklin (1903-1972), an antiquarian bookseller and publisher of reprints of scholarly books, which comprises about 17,200 volumes.
  • The Soda Kiichiro Library
  • A collection of works on the history of philosophy, assembled by Professor Kiichiro Soda (1881-1927), economic philosopher and bank president.
  • The Bernstein-Souvarine Collection
  • A collection of books assembled by two Russian refugees in Paris, Leon Bernstein (1877-1962) and Boris Souvarine (1895-1984).
  • Other Rare Books Collection
  • The collection of other rare books published before 1850 purchased by Hitotsubashi University and the pre-1850 books of collections conserved by Hitotubashi University.
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